Manufacturer information

Manufacturer information according to the regulation (EG) Nr. 1907 /2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (REACH – Regulation)



With its production sites in Hamm, Schwerte and Zweibrücken/Ixheim, the bright steel department at WDI GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bright steel. The company is well known for its high level of expertise in the field of steel rod production.


  • Machining steels
  • Engineering steels
  • Case hardening steels
  • Hardening and tempering steels
  • Alloyed and non-alloyed tool steels
  • Screwdriver steels and bit steels
  • Special analysis steels for
        • automotive
        • aviation industry

Stainless steels, acid and heat resistant steels

Dimensional groups:

  • Round range 2 – 42 mm
  • Hexagonal range 4 – 36 mm
  • Square range 4 – 32 mm
  • Rings 2 – 45 mm
  • Coils 2 – 15 mm
  • Special profiles upon request

Treatment states:

C- cold drawn
A+C- annealed and cold drawn
AC+C- spheroid annealed and cold drawn
S+C- stress relieved and cold drawn
FP+C- FP joint annealed and cold drawn
C+A+C- cold drawn, annealed and cold drawn
SL- ground


  • Drawn and polished in the case of round dimensions
    in accordance with tolerances ISO h11-h9-h8
  • Drawn and ground in the case of round dimensions
    in accordance with tolerances ISO h11-h9-h8-h7-h6
  • Drawn in the case of hexagonal and square
    dimensions in accordance with tolerance ISO h11
  • Drawn in rings and coils ISO h11-h9
  • Special profiles upon request

Design / Delivery form:

  • Rod lengths 1,500 – 6,300 and/or 7,000mm (-0/+50mm)
  • narrower tolerances are available upon request
  • Rods are crack tested from 6mm upwards, round and hexagonal, Bevelling, surface milling and planning upon request
  • Bundle weights: 1,000 – 2,000 kg
  • Rings: 250 – 2,000 kg
  • Coils: 500 – 2,000 kg

Materials / DIN EN:

  • Qualities held in stock:
    11SMn30; 11SMnPb30 as well as with TeS and Te;
    11SMnPb37; S235JRG2C; S355J2G3C; C15; C35; C45;
    C15Pb; C35Pb; C45Pb
  • Other examples of the qualities we supply:
    10S20; 10SPb20; 35S20; 35SPb20; 46S20; 46SPb20;
    44SMn28; 44SMnPb28; 16MnCr5; 16MnCrS5; 16MnCrS5Pb;
    20MnCrS5; 34Cr4; 41Cr4; 42CrMoS4; 50CrV4; 59CrV4;
    61CrSiV5; 73MoV52; 1.4104; 1.4301; 1.4401; 1.4571
  • Further qualities are available upon request